About US

Early in 2015, Avenues Advertising launched itself with a completely different vision from those companies working in the same domain. With its founders aspiring for distinction, the company chose the UAE, namely the emirate of Abu Dhabi. This is exactly where the journey starts. At the beginning, things were so difficult for us as the competition in the advertising market was so broad with so many companies working in the same field. We looked for excellence and we found it, then we strived to be the first advert engaged company to invest in educating the family. We have submitted offers to our clients of those who own trade stores, restaurants, entertainment lounges and sport clubs. Because the parents would be happy to use these cards, too, we liaised with the decision makers in all fields to equally let the Avenues club member and the client take advantage of the card. Avenues Company displayed its advertising offers free on its websites, applications, social media, newspapers, magazines and on TV. We did all that for the sake of broadening the base of customers for the contracted clients, and to provide the most possible amount of discounts for Avenues Club member in all fields.

To thouse who where we are today !

With the great success achieved in the UAE, Avenues Advertising, today, seeks to open branches in Gulf countries aiming to enlarge its network of relationships and to enable individuals make use of its services.

Offering useful and necessary services to all people, marketing the biggest possible number of brands to achieve reliability and transparency in equally dealing with customers and clients, and building a broad base of relationships to help us in our expansion.